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Oh boy….. been a LONG time.

Broccoli flowers, California

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Yes, I have been gardening but no I have obviously not been blogging.  So I guess I should get back into it.

Have I been growing anything.  You know it!

Zukes, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Tom (lots and lots of them), Peppers (lots and lots of them), CORN, and a few others.  The Tom’s came in nice this year.  I have had over 50 nice red and ripe ones.  Weird since it has been hell trying to make them turn the last few years.

Colored in left…. Hubby wants me to say this?  Plumbing.

I have corn!  I have a few ears again!  And they look great!  I was about to take them down until I realized I had little ears.  I almost did the same thing I did the year before.  I will be pulling my garden soon as the cold is coming in fast this year.  I see snow on the mountains already.

I also have a new blog…. As the Fireweed Turns ( ) which is a spin-off of a blog I use to have.  Come on over and see what I am talking about if you would like.  I will be keeping this blog for my gardening adventures.


Let the Seed planning begin!

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Oh yes, I have been thinking heavily about this.  One reason is due to when we finally sign on the house, I have to start from scratch again with containers.  The Second reason is besides my containers, do I want to bring my hot-house with us or just use visqueen?  Honestly, I really would love a green house… but I have a feeling that will be a couple of year down the road.  But since I will be starting out… all… over….again, I thought about what would be worth my time, my energy, how quick will it grow, the versatile vegetables as well as what I would eat more of. 

Container gardening is no big deal for me really.  I actually do rather well with just containers.  I have multiple black containers, that are the type you would use in a green house environment.  I have them from 50 gallons down to a half-gallon.  If you want to know where I got the 50 gallon, I bought it at a feed store in Anchorage, called Mill and Feed and I think they both cost around 20 bucks or so.  They were also the only place that had containers that large!  Also, I will have to use a bleach and water sanitizing as I do not want any of the mold nor the slug eggs to come with me.  I usually wash mine off after the summer is over… but I dumped all the soil this time in preparation to take most of my gardening items with us. 

I am planning where to purchase soil from as well.  Some places around our Valley actually tries to mix phospherants, magnesium, nitrates and such into the soil medium.  That would be worth a few extra dollars but I will always lime, use egg shells and coffee grinds. 

So on to the seeds.  I did NOT do well ont the squash and zuke front.  Actually I barely got 1 out of everything.  I may try 2 seedlings of each summer squash and zukes.  I did okay with the tom’s, but they never did turn red (except for the patio tom’s).  I will lessen those to only 6 plants.  Any suggestions on types?  I would really like to try the russian black cherries or some type of Siberian yellow bell types.  But I don’t know who grew them this year to get a good idea of how they might do.  I like Kahlrobi, so I plan on doing a few of those.  Brussel sprout maybe.  I didn’t do so well on them this year, but I did start them out as seeds and almost had some sprouts, and then the cold hit.    I was also thinking about carrots, mustard greens, radishes, and of course herbs.  I brought my rosemary plant in as I don’t want to have to wait 100 days for germination and maybe an inch or so of growth.

I am thinking about getting some river rock, some cement and just making a raised bed river rock and cement wall.  At least it won’t disintegrate in a couple of years. 

This is the start.  Lets see what happens.

Oh boy, here we go!

So here I am.  I am trying to figure out what to do with my soggy and quite water-logged garden and the hot-house of slugs.  This year in Alaska, it has been the overly normal summer shower state of almost living in Seattle, when you are in south central. 

Here is the problem.  I have slugs up the ying yang in my hot-house.  I have used coffee grounds and nothing has worked.  I have also tried spraying coffee but these slugs just look over at you like.. yeah, you got me, now I will take out your Tomatoes!  If you ever have a slug stop, and literally swing its tentacles at you… it is kind of spooky!  Also, I have had nothing but bad luck concerning mold.  I have a timer and openly water once a day for 5 days, but I think the humidity of the summer is screwing me up and I have just hung my head in shame and watched all my little seedlings go to the weight side.  The Tom’s have taken the biggest blow.  If I ever actually get a good tom this year, I may actually cry!

But I can actually say that the broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage have done well, even if the temps haven’t been the warmest.  My squash don’t look happy.  I have Brussel sprouts that don’t seem to want to be anything but a bush… and that also goes with the kahlrobi.  I may actually have some good carrots.  I harvested the onions before they became so water-logged that they turned to mush.  But my potatoes, after harvesting one stalk, are doing Lovely!  As well as 2 stalks of corn.  Yes I said it.. CORN in Alaska!  They are about 4-5 feet high, and I have the heads growing as well as some pretty silks.  I can only pray to have a baby corn!

Lets just say… my garden has gone bad.  So what can I do?  Plan like I can’t plan anymore!  I have all winter… other than trying to buy a house with some land for the hubby and a larger garden *does the sign of the cross* God help me on the next endeavor of gardening.  Would you like to join me in my next mishap?  I will at least try to keep it interesting and colorful. 

And for those who are more “pristine” … you may want to back away, cause I tell it like it is.