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shopping for the new house wares….


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I am not sure how or why, but I felt the need to get some items for the new house and the best place is usually Wal-Mart.  I got things like a noodle strainer, potato peeler, measuring cups (I am looking for a Pyrex one too) and the normal items needed.  But I was disappointed by the dinner ware selection.  And I really don’t see the need to pay over 25 dollar for a setting of 4.  Does anyone else?  I did happen to run into canning items and Ball Freezer containers for a BUCK!  Oh yes, you know I was all over that like white on rice!

SO I went to Costco and say some nice plate settings for 4, again.  They were white but they were not the square plates.  Honestly I think the square plates are neat, but not functional as they spill and dribble at the corners. 

Now I have looked online, like, macy’ and others and they do not deliver up here.  Ugh.  I have also gone to Bed Bath and Beyond and the prices were sky-high.  SO I am going to Target to check and maybe find something I like that isn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg.  I am also looking for utensils and haven’t been impressed.

Is there anything that you all have tried to find and just couldn’t find anything you liked?  Or couldn’t order?  And any tips on sites that will actually send glassware to Alaska would be appreciated!!!


A Frightful Tale of Tales for this All Hallow’s Week…. for the home buyer!

Scary House

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 Once upon a Time, there was a newly married couple who enjoyed fishing, hunting, gardening and other outdoor recreations but needed to buy a house.  They found a cute little house that either could take care of if anything huge happened to it, and within a reasonable price.  The wife called the realtor, twice, in which the realtor selling the house never called her back. 

The couple decided to get a different realtor, in which they called him Larry and Larry got them in to see the home the couple wanted.  Cute and small but with good bones and skin, the couple wanted it and asked for Larry to draw up the offer to send to the realtor, who we will call the WW. 

Well, here is the story in a condensed version.  Larry sent in the offer which took 72 hours to get back to use that they didn’t like it and said no… no counter offer, nothing.  The couple walked away upset but scratching their heads.  After a hunting trip, they came back and asked Larry to draw up another offer, sent it to the WW and another 72 hours later got an offer back.  The couple talked it over and excepted it and hoped to get the ball rolling and got a mortgage loan on the roll… hahhhahhahaa!

The Couple and Larry worked together to get the inspections and appraisal and other items in the window of time posted. While the WW Realtor dragged her feet and didn’t return calls for important meetings with the Appraisal person or the Septic Inspectors and did not return calls concerning questions for the Mortgage nor the buyers requests.  And all the while Larry and the couple worked and slaved to get this house.

When the time came to sign for the little house, to make it theirs, the bank couldn’t let them and the Title company was bare!  The WW Realtor had been screwing up the paper work, had stopped calling people back on questions concerning the house and nothing had been inspected.  Which made the couple not just sad, but very very mad.

SO the Couple was stressed and began to fight, the lady was more upset for the WW dropping the broom and letting all the work, and money go to waste and the couple both hated waste.  Larry their Realtor was more than upset, as the WW was completely unprofessional and come to find out yelled and cussed at the Couples Mortgage Broker and would not give him vital information. 

So, with all the fighting and all the waste and all of the agitation beyond the color of things, the Lady said I am done and went to the bank and talked to her Mortgage Broker about the problems at hand.  The Mortgage Broker felt bad for the couple since the Bank and had screwed up some of the paperwork as well and told the couple they didn’t have to pay for their bank fee!  Some good news was always a plus in a very hard mortgage year.  She asked him when they were ever going to close as it had been a month since the couple was supposed to sign… in which the mortgage broker made some calls and got a hold of Larry and they worked out the paperwork to close the house for the couple.

If you are wondering yes it is I and my wonderful Hubby.  We closed today and get the golden key tomorrow.  As for Larry we will be doing a surprise for him as the seller is paying his fees, but he worked miracles and his own magic.  But as for the WW Realtor….. that is going to be the next frightening chapter in this Horror Story in which she will wish she would have been…. a little nicer!

…… to be continued……..

Let the Seed planning begin!

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Oh yes, I have been thinking heavily about this.  One reason is due to when we finally sign on the house, I have to start from scratch again with containers.  The Second reason is besides my containers, do I want to bring my hot-house with us or just use visqueen?  Honestly, I really would love a green house… but I have a feeling that will be a couple of year down the road.  But since I will be starting out… all… over….again, I thought about what would be worth my time, my energy, how quick will it grow, the versatile vegetables as well as what I would eat more of. 

Container gardening is no big deal for me really.  I actually do rather well with just containers.  I have multiple black containers, that are the type you would use in a green house environment.  I have them from 50 gallons down to a half-gallon.  If you want to know where I got the 50 gallon, I bought it at a feed store in Anchorage, called Mill and Feed and I think they both cost around 20 bucks or so.  They were also the only place that had containers that large!  Also, I will have to use a bleach and water sanitizing as I do not want any of the mold nor the slug eggs to come with me.  I usually wash mine off after the summer is over… but I dumped all the soil this time in preparation to take most of my gardening items with us. 

I am planning where to purchase soil from as well.  Some places around our Valley actually tries to mix phospherants, magnesium, nitrates and such into the soil medium.  That would be worth a few extra dollars but I will always lime, use egg shells and coffee grinds. 

So on to the seeds.  I did NOT do well ont the squash and zuke front.  Actually I barely got 1 out of everything.  I may try 2 seedlings of each summer squash and zukes.  I did okay with the tom’s, but they never did turn red (except for the patio tom’s).  I will lessen those to only 6 plants.  Any suggestions on types?  I would really like to try the russian black cherries or some type of Siberian yellow bell types.  But I don’t know who grew them this year to get a good idea of how they might do.  I like Kahlrobi, so I plan on doing a few of those.  Brussel sprout maybe.  I didn’t do so well on them this year, but I did start them out as seeds and almost had some sprouts, and then the cold hit.    I was also thinking about carrots, mustard greens, radishes, and of course herbs.  I brought my rosemary plant in as I don’t want to have to wait 100 days for germination and maybe an inch or so of growth.

I am thinking about getting some river rock, some cement and just making a raised bed river rock and cement wall.  At least it won’t disintegrate in a couple of years. 

This is the start.  Lets see what happens.

Indoor Gardening. My House Plants. :)

Corn plant

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Other then gardens, I love growing inside plants as well.

I have 7 (I think) different varieties of African violets. All different colors and some are ruffley. They are just starting to bloom now, as they bloom when the temperature shifts to colder conditions and light. I have never fertilized them, I may this year, nor have I don’t much to them other then water them from the bottom. I had to repot a couple as they had grown too large and were tipping the pots over. Since repotting, it seems they have grown twice as fast… I may have to repot again soon.

I also have cactuses. One is called a Madagascar Jewel. I grew it from a seed from an original plant someone had given me. These are such neat cacti! When they get big enough, they develop seeds, like most plants do… but when they are ready to drop their seeds, it is more a spitting. I kept hearing a “TING” and couldn’t figure out why little stones were being thrown at me. Well I figured out it was my cactus and looked at it. It has a corkscrew like spring that spits it out of the “thorns”. How COOL! So, ever since the spitting I have been waiting for my new Jewel to grow. I think it is time to replant that guy too.

I also have my little sequoia trees that I talked about a for blogs threads ago. They are going into hibernation mode now. So I will only water them once every two weeks. But when the sun comes out for the next spring rotation, they are going to grow like no tomorrow. I for sure will have to repot the 5 of them next summer. And since they do not like to be repotted, I hope they do not die on me.

We also have Christmas cactus. I got them for a dollar at either home depot or lowes. One is at my house and the other at our cabin. Well the one at my house, isn’t and hasn’t done much. I guess it doesn’t like where it is at. But the one at the cabin LOVES it. It has flowered 3 times and has grown new segments 2 different times. Maybe the one at my house, will like the new house better.

I have other plants like Mothers Tongue (which grew a new root system) and spiders plants of course. But I own a Corn Plant. Now, it isn’t a CORN plant, but a Massangeana. You see them all the time at lowes or home depot or just any store in general. They are great plants and I have had mine bloom. YES, they BLOOM! They smell awesome. They are a lot like the African violets. When it gets chilly.. they start to bloom for some reason.

So there you have it, what I have that are my favorites. DO you have some special house plants?

Snow? Where? But lets talk about the trees all over!

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When everyone was freaking out about SNOW, I was driving through Wasilla at that time going.. look at the SNOW on the Mountains.  I didn’t see the soft fluffy cold stuff coming down, it was more sleet like but nothing to get worried about. 

Now, there was a nasty windstorm a few das ago and the wind left big trees laying everywhere.. including on people’s houses.  The lights were on when we got to our cabin, but the Toyo stove wasn’t working.  Air bubble in the line it seems and MAN was it chilly last night.  Hubby is driving back up tomorrow to fix it and then we are going to sit down and figure out what to do for sure.  Rent out the Cabin for honeymooner types, and get together’s and mountaineers and so on?  Or should we go long-term rental?  Or should we just sell.  Someone told us about their rental and what they did.  I don’t know.. but the honeymoon rental would work.  IN Alaska in a Cabin WITH running water and sewer… hmm.  Something to think about for sure.  And if you didn’t know, Talkeetna has a huge population explosion when you can climb Denali and they rent well and are usually cleaner then most people.

But I can at least have some of the garden there for “pretty” purposes.  Grow things that really do not need to be looked at or watered a bunch.  SO gardening will be interesting.   Just something to think about in a more hippie-esqe area.

up to the cabin, but the power is out

Good thing all I want to do is pull and compost!  We will try to get the cabin into shape to sell and find out if the people who were thinking about buying it, will be.  Also, the vehicle we have been trying to sell hs three men who want it, but none of them have the money.  I think it is time to pull my hair out.  A friend also called saying the power was out last night due to the windy conditions.  We will have to see how bad it is when we get up there.

We are going to make some seriously hard decisions today.  I am not looking forward to it… so I will be pulling, composting and depressed. 

I hope everyone else is having a better day.

When you aren’t too sure what to do….. blog.

Downtown Talkeetna, Alaska

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It has been a rotten day on the “Buying a new Home” home front.  Hubby and I are so stressed that I started crying when he told me that he was going to sell our BEAUTIFUL cabin in Talkeetna.  Before he met me, he had someone build the stick frame, but he did everything from the dry wall to putting up the cabinets and such.  Then he met me, he was 70% finished with the cabin.  I helped him with the ceiling, which now has knotty pine, some of the bathroom, parts of the living room and a lot of the front porch.  This cabin (which is more a house) also has city water and sewer.  Which in Alaska, in a town this small, is almost unheard of AND very rare.  he pays out the nose… but unlike some places, he has been told by the guy who built it via stick frame, that it is one of the nicest houses in town. 

I don’t want him to sell the cabin.  I even told him we could refinance.  He doesn’t want to anymore and had the neighbors next door come over and look at it, and take pictures.  I was so upset, I decided to go grab a sandwich at subway, and eat it for lunch and dinner (or all at one time) and then Hubby call saying he was going to come down to take me to dinner, because I have been so stressed out.  I stressed then about the money we didn’t have and said how about we just go to subway (I can eat a small sandwich again) which he seemed disappointed in.  But we don’t really have a choice.  A vehicle we are trying to sell, and thought had sold, the guy back out on the deal last night…. jerk.  Someone who wanted to buy some property off of us, back out as well.  I am not a religious person, but it seems like God is telling us something or he has a very bad sense of humor.

And with that said, I have no luck.  NONE.  So I guess this shouldn’t really surprise me that everything is going down the drain like it has been.  The only GOOD thing is hubby told a friend about what was going on with the bank.  Hubby’s friend told him to call a lawyer friend of his, lawyer friend may help us out… but i won’t hold my breath as I have stated… I have NO LUCK!

So to cheer myself up, I went to look at people blogs.  A mutant parsnip made me giggle.  But she said it tasted good other than it was huge!  I began checking out my friends blogs, and saw something about Moose Nuggets.  I thought, sure why not…. and noticed that this blog was about a family who moved to Alaska to live the life they want AND have the experience.  So right now anything gardening wise, or just something different but comfortable is what I am looking for.  All we can do is wait and see what happens.  But a prayer or two wouldn’t be so bad either. Thanks for stopping by and letting me whine a little.