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Did you know?


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If you have an off or bad odor in a carpet or even on a floor, that using small amounts of ground coffee (used or not used) sprinkled liberally in the area and left for 15 minutes or so, will absorb the smell and leave a nice heady coffee smell when you vacuum it?

Sprinkling salt on your wooden cutting board, pro-longs the life as well as take some of the bad stuff out of the cutting board… such as mold? 

using lemon, warmed in your microwave and in a bowl with some normal dish soap, with a kitchen rag, is better to use for grease on your stove and counters than those wipes you buy at the store?

Newspaper won’t streak on your windows?

using straight baking soda once a week when you brush your teeth cuts out 50% of plaque and helps your gums heal faster if they bleed a lot?

Most of the “dust” in Alaska is actually glacial silt finely ground and volcanic dust!

Spider Plants and Mother Tongue Plants help clean the air the fastest, but do not clean the air the best!  Always remember that.

I hope everyone is doing well and having a good start of the holiday season. 🙂