Alaska Gardening?

Yes, we garden in this place called Alaska.  No, we don’t live in Igloo’s year round… or do we??!!?!

I started container gardening years ago.  I was never really able to garden as I never had a yard, but saw people putting plants of various types in home depot buckets.  I thought, HEY I have home depot buckets and I could do that!  And gosh darn it, now this thing called container gardening has become an obsession and I am hooked and moving on to hot houses, and raised beds and more and more land needed.

Can you tell I have a problem?  I also hoard seeds.  Oh yes, I am a HOARDER of that in which I can plant with.  We are all going to DIE, if I can’t garden.  Okay to much caffeine…  hope you are enjoying the blog. 🙂


2 responses to “Alaska Gardening?

  1. So great to have other gardeners and canners out there to share the experience. Last year we did our first in ground garden but switched to raised beds this year because the Great Canadian Sheild just wouldn’t let our carrots grow. It too, has been trial and error but we hope to one day grow more than just peas and beans (although, they are more tasty than rocks and dirt).

  2. Howdy Turnbulls! I can deffinately direct some traffic your way. I know a lot of people who enjoy good canning recipes. 🙂 always nice to help others.


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