Oh boy….. been a LONG time.

Broccoli flowers, California

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Yes, I have been gardening but no I have obviously not been blogging.  So I guess I should get back into it.

Have I been growing anything.  You know it!

Zukes, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Tom (lots and lots of them), Peppers (lots and lots of them), CORN, and a few others.  The Tom’s came in nice this year.  I have had over 50 nice red and ripe ones.  Weird since it has been hell trying to make them turn the last few years.

Colored in left…. Hubby wants me to say this?  Plumbing.

I have corn!  I have a few ears again!  And they look great!  I was about to take them down until I realized I had little ears.  I almost did the same thing I did the year before.  I will be pulling my garden soon as the cold is coming in fast this year.  I see snow on the mountains already.

I also have a new blog…. As the Fireweed Turns ( http://asthefireweedturns.wordpress.com/ ) which is a spin-off of a blog I use to have.  Come on over and see what I am talking about if you would like.  I will be keeping this blog for my gardening adventures.


One response to “Oh boy….. been a LONG time.

  1. So glad to see your gardening successes. If anybody has a garden challenge, you have! Your hard work has paid off.

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