Sarah Palin’s Alaska… an Alaskan Overview, Part 1.

Ruth Glacier in Alaska

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I had it recorded as I had something going on, but it is put on hold.  So I am watching it and smiling.  It is cute so far… but I want to make sure that people know, Sarah and her Family have it a little better than most Alaskans.  Most Alaskans do not have a small airplane. 🙂

So watching the fishing was cute.  Piper saying she was never going to catch a fish … was typical for most Alaskans.  It is a streak thing, sometimes you catch bunches and other times you don’t catch for years it seems like.  I remember having a 2 yr run with very few salmon caught.  It is okay Piper.. most people will understand!  But watching the bears was fun and made me smile.  Both small brown bears, one with cubs and all very hungry. 

On too where Sarah and Family are going to be climbing.  Well the Alaska Mountaineering School is in Talkeetna and is renowned to be a very good climbing school.  You meet people from all over the world due to climbers going for the gold.  It is a neat little building.  As it is not huge.  And it is on coveted land as it is across the tracks.. on the east side of Talkeetna.  The little shots you got of Talkeetna as of the little town and the Fairveiw Inn.  If you want to learn some cool history, look for the book “The Mystery of the Cache Creek Murders” by Roberta Reeve Sheldon.  She tells the story of Talkeenta and Trapper Creeks first Serial Murders…. which the FBI couldn’t investigate as the start of WWII.  Or google Roberta Reeve Sheldon…. as she is a bit of history all herself.

So Sarah Palin is climbing the glacier.  Well I have to say I would be a tad worried.  It is a tad slick due to the rain.  It rained and rained and rained up here this summer.  It was the rainiest ever for south central for decades.  But Ruth Glacier is very pretty and you can only get there by little airplane.

Now here is a little trivia that NO ONE will tell you about on TLC or possibly even on any other blogs.  The guy that takes Sarah Palin and Todd up in his plane, is a well-known trapper who has taken many other men and women all over and in the bush.  But can you guess who he is?

All in All it was cute.  It was cute.  Any other Alaskan who saw it, please chime in and tell use what you thought as well.

And for those who wonder when this was going on… July 15th.  Enjoy!


5 responses to “Sarah Palin’s Alaska… an Alaskan Overview, Part 1.

  1. I remember the drive from Anchorage up to Denali like it was yesterday. Oh, MAN ~ was it GRAND! (We Marines were TAD at Elmendorf for a few weeks for the first Cope Thunder run outside the Philippines and had a 3 day weekend. )

    And no ~ I give up! Who was it?!

  2. 🙂 makes an impression doesn’t it.

  3. It WAS cute. I’m a Willowbilly gal and happen to be having a co-ed baby shower going on and was using the tv as a music channel background when it flipped to the “record” stage and the series began. Since we were winding down we all plunked down and decided to watch. I will say that it was (so far) one of the few Alaska shows that I didn’t set and go…bologna….that DOESN’T really happen ! Granted, not too many folks up here have a Beaver or an Otter pull up and pick them up for a fishing trip (we do have a small plane…). We were all wishing the wx would have been better, but one gal said, GOOD, maybe that will keep the tourists away. We all have mixed feeling about drawing more people up here. All and all we enjoyed it and several people will be over each week to watch the remaining episodes. Love your common sense posts on HA.

  4. Saw the show, liked it, want to see the rest before making a judgment.
    I drove up there one year, in a battered old pickup truck. Under financed, under equipped, alone. I love the wilderness, and the wild places, but it takes youth, and money. No country for old men.

    I’ve been re-reading the free eBooks by Jack London, available on project Gutenberg. Lotta history.

    Nice blog, upinak.

  5. Howdy Kathy, I have to agree with you and probably your friends. I am not looking forward to a bunch of tourists. I hope the next episodes aren’t going to be too bad.. where everyone expects Alaskans to be or HAVE this or that. I do not own a plane… actually if I had my way I would never fly again…. but we have snow macines, ATV’s and looking into getting a boat for river or ocean. We haven’t figured that out yet. We don’t have a HUGE RV, we have a camping cabin on one of our trucks.
    But I am just worried on the influx of people moving up here 1. for jobs that really do not exsist and 2. because they heard through the grape vine that they can get a PFD. And yes I have met people who really DO believe it.

    BTW, I heard about the fire in Willow. I hope it isn’t going to turn out being murder for those children… that would be so terrible. 😦

    Howdy Skandia.. thanks for stopping by and I am glad you like it. Gardening in Alaska is a huge challenge. I love a challenge as you know. Heck I grew CORN this year. And in Alaska… growing corn is a PITA!

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