shopping for the new house wares….


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I am not sure how or why, but I felt the need to get some items for the new house and the best place is usually Wal-Mart.  I got things like a noodle strainer, potato peeler, measuring cups (I am looking for a Pyrex one too) and the normal items needed.  But I was disappointed by the dinner ware selection.  And I really don’t see the need to pay over 25 dollar for a setting of 4.  Does anyone else?  I did happen to run into canning items and Ball Freezer containers for a BUCK!  Oh yes, you know I was all over that like white on rice!

SO I went to Costco and say some nice plate settings for 4, again.  They were white but they were not the square plates.  Honestly I think the square plates are neat, but not functional as they spill and dribble at the corners. 

Now I have looked online, like, macy’ and others and they do not deliver up here.  Ugh.  I have also gone to Bed Bath and Beyond and the prices were sky-high.  SO I am going to Target to check and maybe find something I like that isn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg.  I am also looking for utensils and haven’t been impressed.

Is there anything that you all have tried to find and just couldn’t find anything you liked?  Or couldn’t order?  And any tips on sites that will actually send glassware to Alaska would be appreciated!!!


3 responses to “shopping for the new house wares….

  1. I’m a huge fan. I’ve decided to also buy some new dishes and searched around for Corelleware. I like the thin plates for stacking, plus I’m a clutz and they hold up. After all the searching, it was back to Amazon with free shipping on most items, AK included. One place I didn’t check was Kohls. Did you?

  2. Kathy have you ever had anything sent up here that was glass? I tried on Amazon and they won’t ship to Alaska. 😦

  3. We have two very nice kitchen stores that aren’t expensive, nearby in Branson. One of them is It is located in an outlet mall and they have a nice selection of stuff you won’t find in the big box stores. The best one is http://www.LeGourmet Try them and see what you think!

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