Snow? Where? But lets talk about the trees all over!

Mount McKinley, or Denali, in Alaska is the hi...

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When everyone was freaking out about SNOW, I was driving through Wasilla at that time going.. look at the SNOW on the Mountains.  I didn’t see the soft fluffy cold stuff coming down, it was more sleet like but nothing to get worried about. 

Now, there was a nasty windstorm a few das ago and the wind left big trees laying everywhere.. including on people’s houses.  The lights were on when we got to our cabin, but the Toyo stove wasn’t working.  Air bubble in the line it seems and MAN was it chilly last night.  Hubby is driving back up tomorrow to fix it and then we are going to sit down and figure out what to do for sure.  Rent out the Cabin for honeymooner types, and get together’s and mountaineers and so on?  Or should we go long-term rental?  Or should we just sell.  Someone told us about their rental and what they did.  I don’t know.. but the honeymoon rental would work.  IN Alaska in a Cabin WITH running water and sewer… hmm.  Something to think about for sure.  And if you didn’t know, Talkeetna has a huge population explosion when you can climb Denali and they rent well and are usually cleaner then most people.

But I can at least have some of the garden there for “pretty” purposes.  Grow things that really do not need to be looked at or watered a bunch.  SO gardening will be interesting.   Just something to think about in a more hippie-esqe area.


3 responses to “Snow? Where? But lets talk about the trees all over!

  1. I like the renting idea so I know where to come when we “someday” make it up there! Question for you….do you have a “Grab Button”? I am learning how to put the grab buttons in a scrolling marquee instead of the boring wordage links and would like to include yours in it.

  2. Grab Button? Never heard of that. I do it the old fashioned way. But then I have been blogging for years. Let me know if you need help.

  3. Hi, well first off wonderful post, but the primary reason I am writing a comment is because I really like your design! Like a lot! Do you work with WordPress platforms and if so is this a premium design?

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